CHEONSEI has acquired immeasurable experience in the designing and manufacturing metering pumps(dosing pumps) and pump accessories, becoming the leader of pump designing and manufacturing solutions.

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Cheonsei Diphragm Metering Pumps

Diphragm Metering Pumps

Various LEM (Liquid End Material) available to inject all kinds of chemical liquids.

Cheonsei Pulseless Metering Pumps

Pulseless Metering Pumps

For high precision injections with pulse rates of ±1%.

Cheonsei AOD Pumps

AOD pumps

Self-priming pump covers up to 8m static suction lift.

Cheonsei Sealless Magnetic Pumps

Sealless Magnetic Pump

Non seal type magnetic for highly corrosive chemical liquids.

Cheonsei Drum Pumps

Drum Pump

Electrical / Air operated motor.